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Carpet creates a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere in any space. There are a huge range of materials, styles and textures to choose from. 

With so many options available, there’s a look to suit your lifestyle and budget.

Carpet Material Options

Nylon Carpet

Quality nylon is still the most popular material used for carpet. This textile is often favoured because it is highly durable and requires little in the way of maintenance.

Nylon is a strong, dense material that stands up well to abrasion that naturally occurs in any space. This makes nylon carpets extremely durable, maintaining the same appearance years after purchase.

The availability and range of nylon carpets ensures that there is something perfect for every budget.

Wool Carpet

Wool is an excellent option for those wanting a more natural carpet. Wool carpet exudes a sophisticated vibe that will add a sense of opulent style to your space.

There are many benefits to choosing natural wool carpets. Wool holds its texture, ensuring it retains its good looks for years. Due to the fiber’s construction, wool naturally resists dirt and mess.  Being a natural product, it has fire retardant properties.

Our Tauranga based team are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the benefits of natural wool carpet for your home.

Carpet Design Options

Texture is important in choosing carpet for your home.  Loop, twist and plush are the 3 main pile options, each offers a different look.

Loop Pile Carpet

Loop is the hardest wearing of the pile options. It comes in various styles, ranging from the tried and tested basic loop to stunning new textures and designs.

Twist Pile (Also Known As Cut Pile) Carpet

Create a comfortable atmosphere in your home with a cut pile carpet.  It is known for its cozy quality while also being extremely practical, durable and easy to maintain.  

Great for kids and pets.

Plush Pile Carpet

Plush pile carpet is more well-known for its unique and trendy look, adding a sense of modern style to a bedroom or living space. It is extremely soft and delivers the highest level of warmth and comfort available in carpet. 

Due to its extreme softness, footprints and vacuum marks can often be seen.

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