Did you know that more than 800,000 Kiwis suffer from asthma?

Half a million Kiwis take asthma medicine.
More than 550,000 school days are lost every year due to respiratory illness.
And there are 7,400 asthma-related hospitalisations each year!

Introducing Asthmaban carpet - protect your family from the ground up

Asthmaban carpets are excellent for households with asthmatic and anti-allergenic needs. While most carpets are susceptible to irritants like mould, mildew, dust mites and bacteria, Asthmaban repels these microscopic invaders using patented technologies that include Ultrafresh, which is a silver-based treatment. 

Solution-dyed nylon reduces fibrous particles put into the air, and the synthetic-treated backing resists the growth of mould and mildew, ensuring clean and fresh air for your home.

At the factory, Beaulieu treats the carpet with Odourban, which proactively manages odours and foul smells in your home.

Looking after your allergies

Asthmaban provides all the softness and comfort that comes with a carpeted home without sacrificing the health of more sensitive family members. 

Asthmaban Carpet Colour Swatches

All colours are available in 36oz, 50oz or 70oz pile weights

Due to the difference in computer and device screens the carpet colours shown may not represent the carpet colours accurately.

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